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For Sale - Foaled 2011


Whitefield Lord Taverner

For Sale


Foaled April 2011

14HH+ (estimated).




See Taverner's pedigree here.

Price negotiable to the right home.

Seven year old gelding Whitefield Lord Taverner is a sweet natured pony who needs an experienced home where he can have a permanent one-to-one relationship with his female owner.

Taverner was very spooky when he arrived here over a year ago. Apparently, he was chosen by his first purchaser out of a herd of 70 off the hill. This owner did an excellent job and he is fine on the ground with loading, with the farrier, and general handling. He's never kicked or bitten and the few times he has reared, they've been under 12 inches! Then, due a change in circumstances, he was sold after two years. The next owners had to sell him again after a few months because of a change in their employment.




We soon disovered that Tav has trust issues which is not surprising considering the changes in his life. Even so, the girls lunged him, long reined him, groomed him, and got him to the stage where he could be sat on. Unfortunately, Jennifer who was handling him moved away and her replacements could only come at odd times when their attention was shared with my other youngsters. Tav was 'sold' to a perfect home last year but, sadly, that all fell through at the last minute. So, Tav's backing was never completed as at 78 I can't do that on my own. He has lived here with the herd ever since. But now he is settled and a different pony. He needs to find the right home.




Taverner doesn't trust men. And I'm one! But I am here to learn and Taverner is an interesting case. He has improved hugely over the last year and is ready to move on to that perfet home for life. He was "sold" last year, but unfortunately, that fell through at the last minute and I have not tried to sell him since.

Recently, I had a very knowledgeable New Zealand lady staying here who has her own eventing yard back home. She was here for just a few days but did 'join up' with Tav and established a very good relationship with him showing what could be done in a short time. My adviser said he was just like one of her horses at home that had become a top show jumper. But for the transport costs, she'd have bought him to take home. She agreed with me that he needs a stable home life with an experienced owner who could establish a one-to-one relationship with him on her own land.

If you think you can fill that criteria, Taverner is here for you. Price is negotiable as money is not the issue. Taverner is a sweet boy with no vices, just trust issues, who deserves the right home.


Taverner's video -- long reining



Taverner - desensitising



Taverner's Photos


















Morrich Corrie



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Morrich Katalin



Pedigree here 

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