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For Sale - Foaled 2011


Whitefield Lord Taverner


Foaled April 2011

14HH+ (not accurately measured).

See Taverner's pedigree here.

Price £1,600 (fixed), but only to a suitable home.

Update: Taverner has been taken on by an experienced local person for assessment only, so he is still for sale. Her will remain on the premises where the loaner can use our facilities to get to know him better. My policy on sales is that "Ownership passes with the money", so he is not yet sold and I am open to offers.




Taverner was bought in as an unbroken project. His progress has been good as you will see from the videos but he has had a chequered career. The girl who was handling him here was making good progress when she had to move out of the area. Unfortunately, Taverner is slow to trust people and does seek a leader. He is basically a sweet character and has never bitten or kicked

I work mostly single handedly, hiring in riders to do the ridden work. The aim is to produce sensible youngsters that are sold when backed and ridden away. Unfortunately, Taverner seems to need a one-to-one relationship and time which he cannot get here as the ponies are kept in a herd. Although this is only a small stud, there will usually several youngsters in training and their riders only attend a few hours a week so it is difficult for them to give much individual attention to Tav. I do the best I can but I am male, don't ride, and 78 next birthday. I am all too well aware of my limitations!

Taverner's ground work was well established by his first owner who chose him as a two year old shortly after castration out of a herd of 70 kept on the hill. She did an excellent job but had to sell him due to a change in personal circumstances. We bought him as a four year old from his second owners who had to sell again after a few months due to redundancy.

As can be seen here from the photos and video, Taverner has been long reined, sat on, and is good to catch, lead, groom, load, and is good with the farrier. His only problem is that he needs to trust and have a close relationship with his handler who he looks to for support. Without that, he is inclined to spook.

Taverner will only be sold to an experienced home where he can get the personal attention he needs. His worst sin is to panic at a new experience. He has never bucked but has managed a few mini-rears, all under 12 inches! He is a quiet sweet character who deserves a good, long term, committed home. It would be a tragedy if he ended up being passed around from owner to owner. The successful purchaser will be very carefully vetted, so no dreamers please!


Taverner's video -- long reining



Taverner - desensitising



Taverner's Photos


















Morrich Corrie



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Pedigree here




Morrich Katalin



Pedigree here 

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