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For Sale - Foaled 2016


Foals will only be sold after weaning when they can be handled, led, and loaded.

Sales policy is that ownership passes with the money, so no deposits.


Two foals in this age group.

Photographed 7th June 2016 with Ryedale Gracie, Mary Mac of Tormore is out of shot.


foals 2016



Grace's (Ryedale Grace) foal

Morrich Alder

Sire: Josethdene

Foaled 26th April 2016


To make 14HH

Photographed 9/7/17

Molly's (Mary-Mac of Tormore) foal

Morrich Aspen

Sire: Josethdene

Foaled 5th May 2016


To make 14HH


Aspen (photographed June 2017) is a very confiding foal and always very curious.