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For Sale - Foaled 2013




Morrich Lucy


Foaled May 2013


Height (at 1/8/17) is 13.3HH.

See Lucy's pedigree here

Lucy is a very pretty filly with excellent paces who could do well in the show ring. She has been well handled and is never any trouble. Lucy's training is progressing smoothly. She now trots, canters, goes over poles, and pops a small jump. Without a rider, Lucy is a natural jumper and can be seen enjoying the jumping lane on the video. Lucy is obviously still green and quite forward going, so needs an experienced rider to complete her education. But all the foundations have been laid. Lucy leads onto the trailer and is getting more confident with self loading. She should mature at around 14HH.



As a 2 year old.


Lucy's slide show:

Unfortunately, we can't show Lucy's slide show due to Photobucket's latest policy on charging. But here are a few pictures.











Lucy's training video Part 2 -- shot July 2017.



Lucy free jumping



Morrich Spectator


Foaled 2013


See Spectator's pedigree here.

Spectator is a lovely chap who really likes people. We think he is destined to be a deer pony because of his temperament and chunky build. Like all our ponies, he has been well handled and does everything right. He has been tacked up and took to the experience with his usual calm acceptance. His handler assured me he did not need to be held for his photo-shoot. Nor did he! He also self loads -- of course!



Spectator self loads but hasn't travelled.

spek load

Spectator's slide show: (Not working due to Photobucket's charges).

.lagopus_lagopus's spectator album on Photobucket


Spectator and Advocate eat sugar beet and carrot slices off a fresh deer skin,

the first step in training a deer pony.

deer skin