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For Sale - Foaled 2014


Morrich Annie

Foaled 2014


Guide price - around £2,500 -- £3,000

See Annie's pedigree here.

Annie would make a lovely child's games pony. She is probably going to make 13.1HH - 13.3HH at maturity. She is the first up when you go into her field. Annie can be defined as 'cheeky", but having said that, she doesn't nip or misbehave, but let's admit it, she does like attention! Annie surprised us all by jumping a full sized bungie gate when only a few months old and she can go! Teaching another loading practice, Annie just followed me into the trailer and didn't want to leave. If Annie had been born a dog, she'd jump on your lap and lick your face! Annie caught the side of her mouth on a nail when a small foal. She has a small scar as a result -- but you would not notice unless it is pointed out to you. Photos on request. It will not affect her working life.




Morrich Annie's slide show -



Annie's progress - at 20/9/17



Annie received a young visitor who was impressed with how quiet she is. What would she do if she just jumped on her back? Well, we've lent over her, dragged old coats over her, tacked her up -- so let's see, shall we? Annie couldn't care less. Bothered? She's not bothered!



















Annie is now backed and being ridden away (July 2017). She will be for sale when her education is complete.



















Morrich Advocate


Foaled June 2014


See Advocate's pedigree here.

Advocate is a tall good looking gelding who will make a great riding pony maturing at around 14HH - 14.2HH. Addy is straight forward, no nonsense. What you see is what you get. Confiding and well handled.



Morrich Advocate's slide show -



Advocate receiving loading training.

First time self loading



Desensitising -- October 2016