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I have always wanted to own and train a German shepherd. But, as with al my dogs, it would have to be off working stock. So I acquired Foxy (Gangkuza Aza) from a Polish breeder in London working in security who had bred his dog to another GSD owned by a Czech. Knowing nothing about GSD breeding, I reckoned this, and the viewing of several videos of both parents doing man work, would guarantee a working pup. I was right!


Left: "Klodo", one of the foundations of the German Shepherd breed, photographed in 1925.

To my mind, this dog is perfectly designed to be an active working dog.







Left: Gangskuza Aza ("Foxy") photographed on the 27th January 2014.

Again, an almost perfect conformation for work, though more solidly built and shorter coupled than Klodo above.

Her breeding is Czech-DDR border guarding lines.

Pedigree here.






Left: Darkvakia Arnost ("Max") at 10 weeks purchased from George Watson, December 2012.

A very solid pup from pure Czech working lines.

These dogs are not for the inexperienced.

Pedigree here.



















Left: Foxy and Max are perfect pals -- except over the feed bowl when Max rules!












Left: Max and Foxy play fighting.

















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