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Morrich Highland Ponies
Miller's Place,
Tain IV19 1PE

(Visitors by appointment please. See below for 'how to get here', pricing, general information, etc.)

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I only breed one or two foals a year now as a hobby but that does mean they get my personal individual attention! I am careful where my ponies go, so expect lots of questions.

Read the Comments from my clients.

If you haven't read the Home Page, please do so for directions and other essential information.

If no price is quoted, that probably means that training is in progress and

I am not anxious to sell. I love training youngsters -- but you can always try me with an offer!

Ponies are now arranged in order of foaling under the quick links below.

Just click on the year of foaling you are interested in.


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Contact and Visiting

Visitors to the stud are always welcome but 48 hours notice would be appreciated. But if you are passing or in the area anyway, why not try? If we are busy, we'll say so and hope you understand. My other hobby is training German shepherds for protection and man work, so it might really be a good idea to make an appointment!

Ponies: We breed the lighter riding/performance type of Highland pony and they tend to be forward going. So if you are looking for a slow, safe, plodder for a novice rider, older person, or as a confidence giver , you are probably looking for the heavier garron type which we won't have! Have a look at The Highland Pony page for further information.

Contact: The best way to contact me is by Email. Please do NOT contact me by telephone, unless it is an emergency, as I am deaf. My telephone will not accept international calls, calls from withheld numbers, or texts. I probably won't hear the phone anyway.

Directions: Morrich Highland Ponies is located on a farm called Miller's Place on Hunting Hill, Fendom, Tain IV19 1PE, Easter Ross. The stud is not easy to find without directions even though it is only 2 miles from the main A9 trunk road going north (coloured green in the left hand bottom corner of the map below).

Go to http://www.streetmap.co.uk, search for IV19 1PE, set the scale to 1:50,000, and look for Miller's Place. You'll probably have to scroll down. Your GPS will take you to the area but not the farm! Look for the pointer in the map below, also note the A9 in green.

Or use https://what3words.com. Click on the link and enter our three words which are haggis.solar.intrigued (or just click on the link). It's brilliant! Try it! You can probably put it on your phone or whatever electronic gizmo you use.



Prices and Buying:

We are breeders but often train our own stock, so price is proportional to age, the level of training, and what sort of future the buyer can give the pony. For that reason, prices are a guide only. If no price is quoted, it means that training is ongoing and I am not anxious to sell at the moment. But I am always open to offers. The ponies are handled regularly and we know their character and temperament, so some may be better suited to one kind of home or discipline than another. But if you don't tell us a bit about yourself, we won't know.

We usually only have young ponies for sale. Before we sell, we'd like to be confident that you, the client, has the experience, ability, and the facilities to continue what we have started.

We'd like to know your height and weight, approximate location, experience, other horses kept, whether the pony be kept on livery or your own land, and anything else you think we should know! (Have a look at the Comments page to see what others have said).

Travel: The Morrich Highland Pony stud is about 35 miles from Inverness and 40 miles from Inverness Airport (Dalcross Airport) and there are regular and cheap flights from many UK and European destinations. There will be a direct flight from Heathrow to Inverness after May 2016. Try Google for cheap flights. There is also a main line railway station at Inverness with further bus and train links to Tain -- but let us know and we may be able to arrange a pick up. Go to http://www.thetrainline.com to save money on rail fares. Car hire is easy to arrange and there are plenty of good hotels and Bed & Breakfast establishments locally. The Highlands is the perfect place for a holday and Tain is a good central point for touring. We advise hiring a car. Distances in the Highlands may seem daunting but the roads are uncongested and it is not unrealistic to expect to average 60mph on main roads. Secondary roads are designed for 50mph traffic.

The Morrich Stud is situated about two miles from the A9, the main arterial road north from Inverness.

Transport: There are several excellent professional horse transporters who carry horses up and down the country every day and some of these horses will be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. The transportation of horses is highly regulated in the UK so these firms are both very experienced and have stables at various points so that horses get rests during their journey.

The cost of delivering a pony to the south of England might be £200 - £400. (You can probably get a guesstimate from the transporter over the phone).  To western Europe, £500 - £1,000. Destinations far off the beaten track will cost more, but less if your pony can share. For transport within the UK, we recommend Eric Gillies Ltd and for transport to Europe and further afield we recommend John Parker International Ltd. These two companies work together so even international export is easy and straight forward. I have exported my working gundogs to over 30 countries world-wide and ponies all over the UK and to the EU, so I do have some experience.

Horse height conversion -

Here in the UK, the height of horses is measured in "hands". A 'hand' is four inches in imperial or roughly 100mm in metric. (But if height is critical to you, do check with the calculator).

Hands (UK) to metric (EU).

Imperial masurements to and from metric here for your height and weight.

Want to know what's for sale?

Click on the foaling date links above to take you to the appropriate age class. These days my ponies sell pretty fast and may not be advertised. But before you do, check on the page for Highland Pony as not all Highland ponies are the same. In the past, breeders bred the pony to do a specific job, not to a standard for the show ring.