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South American Horse Training

Gaucho backs green horse in three hours: https://youtu.be/FjyocsfcMPc

More gaucho horse training: https://youtu.be/w7WsuNNLcNw

Gaucho horse whisperer:  https://youtu.be/C7yi5YBl4Gg


Desensitising with plastic: https://youtu.be/9dTd1fdKXTk

Desensitising Taverner: https://youtu.be/SgMAAboReEQ

Desensitising a weanling: https://youtu.be/uQwkz-KeEew

Desensitising 3yo Corrie: https://youtu.be/-W-PgJPibcY

Desensitising the herd: https://youtu.be/1YvSxLA7A_U

How laid back do you want? Morrich Finn and the pointer: https://youtu.be/llLgWst3UlQ



Phil Burgess with Upperlochton Fergus and Morrich Darach

A channel of several videos well worth watching. Fergus was bought in to Morrich Highland Poniesas a foal at foot and Darach was bred here.




Teaching Advocate to self load: https://youtu.be/3DiTTxe8Dpo

Teaching the youngsters that a trailer is nice: https://youtu.be/bGRdWUlR2Dc

Teaching foals to load: https://youtu.be/AfRRCkam0ug


Head Collaring

Training a head shy pony: https://youtu.be/IyQ_HHbMn-A

Head collaring foals: https://youtu.be/Gx8F4khWsCI

How to put on a rope head collar: https://youtu.be/RzvqQTCClew



Teaching foals to lead: https://youtu.be/RzvqQTCClew



Highland stallion, Josethdene: https://youtu.be/9EqALDTliuk

Josethdene, a short video: https://youtu.be/W8mPwBwC8lA



Search on YouTube for "Morrich Ponies", Upperlochton Fergus, Hotbloodedhighland....




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