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On the 24th October 2015 Brigitte de Cuyper of Belgium wrote:

"Thank you Derry for sharing all your inside knowledge about training and Highland ponies in particular with me - it has been of great help!"

On the 24th October 2015, Kim and Kevin Heynes of Lancashire wrote,

"We bought Morrich Katalin in May 2015; she had just turned 4 years old, a very pretty

cream dun, about 14.1hh when she arrived. Derry's reputation for honest information

and calm, sensible ponies led us to his website but the distance between us in Lancashire

and him in the Highlands meant that a visit was pretty difficult when we have our animals

at home. Derry was very willing to offer advice to me and give me lots of information

about Katalin, including excellent videos of her training and growing up. So I did

something I have never even considered before: I bought a pony I had never laid eyes

on! We were not disappointed.Arranging transport with Gillies was extremely easy,

Katalin travelled over 3 days and arrived fresh and untroubled. Our existing 5 year old

Highland fell instantly in love. Katalin has an old head on her very young shoulders. She

is affectionate, gentle, willing to learn and a sweet girl. Her education under saddle is

continuing but she got an excellent start with Derry. I would certainly buy another

Morrich pony and would do so from Derry's videos alone".


Lisa Inglis of Inverness wrote on the 25th October 2015,

"I bought a highland pony (Gemma) from

Derry and was without a doubt the best purchase of my life. The pony was calm, healthy

and very well trained. My daughter, aged 10 at the time rode the pony as a novice and

gained so much confidence from her. When I am ready for another pony I will only buy

from Derry because I know he has the best stock. thank you Derry. xx" 

(Derry says, "To be fair, I didn't breed or train this pony!")


Lorna MacLeod of Invergordon on the 27th October 2015 wrote,

"Purchased Morrich Corry Highland Pony 4 years old 14.1,Steele Grey in colour handsome boy, fantastic quality pony, in August of this year 2015, from Derry. It's my first forever pony and also first youngster. He was advertised as 'still bit green' but improving day by day. Only had him for 2 months and I have already found Corry very easy to bring on the way I want and it hasn't taken long to do. He can turn his hoof to anything, always trying his best and very keen to listen and learn new things. Corry aims to please. He is very mature for his age and very placid in a lot of ways with his calm nature and he is a pleasure to ride with company and also without. Derry and his staff have obviously taken the time and brought Corry on well and at Corry's pace. Brilliant pony, and very friendly with people and also animals. Glad I bought him from you Derry. . Thank you.You have intelligent ponies there. I would recommend anyone to buy a highland pony from Derry. And Jennifer who rides for Derry helping bringing on his highland ponies - I also thank you for your help and advice on things. You have a wonderful way in bringing those highland ponies on to their full potential, you can tell they really admire you. When you came up to see me and Corry, he obviously remembered you and was happy to see you. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who needs help or advice on taking on a young highland pony as she knows them inside out, and a good rider".

David Rankin, formerly head gamekeeper on Benmore Estate, Lairg, on the 27th October 2015, wrote,

"Hello Derry, the move to Perthshire has gone well and the family are getting used to life in the sunny south. We would be happy to put on a comment about Finn- the hardest thing about leaving Benmore was leaving Finn behind. If you're ever down this way pop in and see us! David"

(Morrich Finn is the deer pony is the stalking pictures).

Phil Burgess of Essex has posted various videos on YouTube of her two Highland ponies,

Upperlochton Fergus and Morrich Darach. I think she likes them!

Fergus (pedigree here) was purchased by Morrich Highland Ponies as a foal at foot with her mother, Glentrowan Belina. Fergus was sold as a yearling and his early training was at the stud. Darach was born on the premises and trained here up until he was sold as a 2yo. Pedigree here. As you will see, he is out of Mary Mac of Tormore so a full brother to Kim Heynes's Morrich Katalin and Morrich Annie. Watch Phil's YouTube videos here. Do a search for thehotbloodedhighland for more.

Anne Edwards of Lampeter, on the 28th January 2016, wrote:

"Having wanted a Highland for many years and after losing my beloved Welsh Cob last year to a brain tumour I decided now was the time. Looking through the adverts and studs something about the Morrich Stud caught my eye. I loved the start they were given, the temperaments and the stallion's temperament. After viewing videos and many e-mails I took the plunge and bought Morrich Torran, unseen! Two days after his arrival and he is part of the family. My three year old son loves him and wants to 'ride' him so I think in time I might lose him! Many thanks to Derry (and Jennifer) for dealing with my endless enquiries and letting me buy such a wonderful pony. I hope to visit this summer and as you say Highlands are addictive who knows! Anyway I might need another pony if I lose this boy to my son!"

Then Anne wrote again on the 8th March 2016 after Torran had settled in:

 "Just thought I’d drop a personal note to say how delighted I am with Torran. He is everything I want in a pony; lovely nature, calm, friendly, a great family pony. I have just started popping on him a two/three times a week for a short five minute ride to let him see and get used to things and he doesn’t bother at all (he puts some older horses to shame!). Hubby even said he would ride him to check sheep (he used to ride as a child). I hope to come up to the Highlands May/June time, stay at the Glenmorangie Hotel and do a whisky tour (it would be rude not to!) and come along to visit. Have to say I am quite taken with Spectator too (possible Hubby pony?!)".

Best wishes Anne

So Anne bought Morrich Skerry next, again unseen, and on the 26th June 2016 wrote:

"Just thought I’d update you as to how the boys are now getting on. Skerry has settled well and the three boys are getting on great. Now that I’ve got my barn back (I lose it during shearing time!) I plan to start having a play with Skerry. Skerry seemed quite keen to start to do something today after I came back with Torran so I tried a bridle on him in preparation. Have to say the two boys are so good and I can trust them around the kids; they are a lot easier than a single mare that I had! In fact they are just what I ordered. Anyway I’ll let you know how we progress. I’m hoping Torran will in time make a working hunter pony and Skerry is going to be a dressage diva! Many thanks for everything. Best wishes Anne".

Sharon Booth bought 2.5 year old gelding Morrich Advocate unseen in November 2016

Advocate left here on the 18th November 2016 to go to Sharon Booth in Hampshire, England. She later wrote, "Advocate came off the lorry yesterday like a pro. Alastair said he had loaded well after each stop & is anyone’s for a carrot! He was a bit hesitant coming into the yard and had a little whinny to see who was about. Both of our two were in, so I took him into the barn to say hello over the doors, it was very quiet & respectful from all of them. I popped him into his stable, which is in-between the others & they all said hello again over the sides, then he was straight into his hay-net. Once he had had his fill I took up to the top paddock which we had separated off with electric fencing. When we turned the other two out he decided that he wanted to go in with them & casually jumped the fence. I’ve never bought a pony/horse without first seeing it and you have made the whole process so easy with all the info and photos and have been so honest about him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.You can use any of my comments, always happy to help. Advocate is the sweetest little chap & I can see that when he matures he is going to be a cracking pony. Thank you so much for making everything go so smoothly & for letting me have him".

Catherine Groves bought 3 year old Morrich Annie in June 2018, unseen and unvetted, through photos, video, and emails

Annie left here to go down to Wiltshire, England.When she arrived, Catherine wrote, "43 years ago our first Highland came down from the Highlands in a cattle lorry for £20! But actually we thought that the £432 we spent with Eric Gillie door-to-door excellent value. Annie arrived completely unstressed (also down to Derry's training)....She was briefly ridden around the school by my 85 year old mother. We are delighted. All that you said she was and more...thank you so much!".